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What customers are saying about our service and our website

The following is a random sample of the comments we get from customers nearly every day. Some entries are edited for brevity.

Pegasus is the best place to purchase motor racing stuff for the Mexicans.  J.G. from Mexico

Pegasus is awesome, the sales people are very helpful and they can get about anything I need to race!  K.F. from Missouri

Pegasus has prompt, courteous service. Good company to work with!  W.W. from South Carolina

You guys are SOOOOOO cool! Real parts, excellent prices, and customer care way beyond the call of duty. The six bucks shipping refund isn't the issue. The fact that you refunded it, and notified me, proves your caliber. Not to forget that you had arcane items IN STOCK, or that your website permits "quick ordering", or that your PAPER catalog has excellent and clear info!  C.P. from Hawaii

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent parts inventory and delivery! I live in Canada and the last order I placed arrived the next day! I race a vintage MGB and your company usually has everything I need. Thanks again.  R.E. from Ontario, Canada

Pegasus is always a reliable vendor with quality products and quick service. Recommend them anytime!  G.B. from Texas

Always great service and quick shipping. Recently had a small shipment lost/delayed by the carrier and Pegasus sent me a replacement part overnight at no charge. I didn't even ask. Way above and beyond!!  N.A. from Illinois

Thank you Suzie for the great customer service! I can count on Pegasus Auto Racing for all my racecar building needs. You guys rock!  D.K. from Georgia

As usual, service was excellent from Pegasus.  S.L. from Georgia

You guys ROCK! I placed a late order with no expectation it would ship today. I just got a shipment confirmation this evening and I'm ecstatic! Thank you! Pegasus comes in first place, AGAIN!  P.K. from North Carolina

Thank you for your email response and for taking care of my problem. It's great to work with a vendor that is proactive in resolving customer issues. I'm looking forward to doing more business with your company in the future.  H.B. from Iowa

I just wanted to add my 2 cents about Pegasus... what a great company to deal with. I have done several orders with them that have gone flawlessly. I even received a letter from them informing me of a small refund to my account due to a miscalculated shipping charge from a previous order. Now that's service. From other racers I have talked with I hear that they keep a large inventory so you don't get that backorder BS. It really bugs me when you order from some online shops and they don't ship it for a week because they never really had it in stock.  Posted on

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your company. Your product selection is great and you seem to have everything I need in stock. Your catalog and on-line tech articles are great. Many thanks.  P.T. from Georgia

Wow! Thank you so, so much. Amazing service from my friends at Pegasus. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I feel very lucky to deal with such lovely people.  E.M. from England

A very slick, user friendly online system. Well done!  M.G. from Australia

Best help in the market. They offered me the best solution. I know they have my best interest. Service is reliable and will always do business here.  B.G. from Connecticut

Thanks, It's nice to find people that will work with you, even when the customer places the wrong order!!  D.P. from Florida

Always the best products. Pegasus is number 1 in performance products, none better. Super fast shippers.  J.B. from Maryland

UPS delivered my package one day late. You refunded my shipping without being asked to do so. Thanks for handling this in such a proactive way. Your service and expertise will keep me coming back.  C.J. from California

Thanks, you're the best! Pegasus has other customers local to me and they told me the service was great! They were right.  C.F. from Australia

You folks are AWESOME! Thanks for keeping the customer in mind. I wish more companies thought the same way.  D.R. from Illinois

I like how your website is designed for online purchases. It's well organized and easy to use. I also like the Paypal option for payment.  J.S. from Pennsylvania

Good to know there's still places out there that pride themselves on their business. Being a full time racer I can assure you money is tight. It's good to feel secure and know that you guys put customers and honesty at the same level and lead on that principal. Thanks!  W.M. from Massachusetts

Pegasus delivers! I order from Pegasus because their order response time is the best! Even if I order it at 3pm it is out the door and on it's way to me the same day. I refer all of my teams to Pegasus for the same reason. Thank you for dedication to excellent service.  M.C. from Florida

While it's great to get positive feedback, we also want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve our website or our service. Click here to send an email message. We really do listen.

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