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What customers are saying about our service and our website

The following is a random sample of the comments we get from customers nearly every day. Some entries are edited for brevity.

As usual, service was excellent from Pegasus.  S.L. from Georgia

The Pegasus website is easy to navigate considering all the oddball things I plugged into my mega-order. It is stable and didn't unexpectedly dump my whole order just because I forgot to cross a 'T' or dot an 'I' somewhere. Refreshing!  S.T. from California

They always seem to have it in stock and they deliver quick. Their website is well designed and easy to navigate. I shop around to confirm pricing but I always seem to end up at Pegasus 95% of the time.  Google Trusted Store reviewer

You guys provide the best service of any place I do business.  J.W. from Oklahoma

I just want to send a quick note thanking Pegasus and its staff for hosting Roger Caddell and the data acquisition seminar this past Saturday. The information Roger relayed was very insightful and valuable for new and experienced users of the AIM products. I also have a stronger appreciation and allegiance to Pegasus for taking the time and effort on a Saturday to support their customers. It is very much appreciated.  M.M. from Minnesota

You seem to treat everyone like you know them personally and feel that you have a hand in each build that you hear about and supply parts for. This is truly a winning attitude. Just another reason that Pegasus is truly the best!  M.R. from Alberta, Canada

Ordering is easy and fast from their website. My order was filled and shipped same day, and delivery was fast. Thank You Pegasus!  J.K. from Kansas

I have been a long time customer but recently because you have become a sponsor of vintage racing, (VSCDA), I have tried to make ALL of my purchases from Pegasus. Thank you for your support of vintage racing and your excellent and speedy parts delivery!!  D.B. from Indiana

I like how your website is designed for online purchases. It's well organized and easy to use. I also like the Paypal option for payment.  J.S. from Pennsylvania

Thanks, It's nice to find people that will work with you, even when the customer places the wrong order!!  D.P. from Florida

I write this to tell you how impressed I was. What you did for me is very rare and I am thankful for your effort. What you did carries me through all the lesser attempts by others who don't fully appreciate what customer service is! Thank you again!  R.G. from Ontario, Canada

Thanks! Great customer service. Pegasus Rocks.  C.V. from New Jersey

The on-line ordering with in-stock indication is awesome! Even ordering custom numbers [vinyl graphics] was entirely painless and foolproof.  G.S. from Wisconsin

This was my first time ordering from you and the whole process has been a pleasure, the online ordering was so easy, the status of the parts, and quick delivery, It's almost fun. I will be ordering from you again.  R.E. from Ontario, Canada

While it's great to get positive feedback, we also want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve our website or our service. Click here to send an email message. We really do listen.

Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our success

If we ever fall short of your expectations, please let us know about it.

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