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What customers are saying about our service and our website

The following is a random sample of the comments we get from customers nearly every day. Some entries are edited for brevity.

I want to express my exceptional satisfaction with how you guys handle orders. Not once in my life had I been refunded some money because shipping was less than anticipated, so thank you for that.  M.R. from New Jersey

Pegasus is an excellent business. I rely on Pegasus for high quality (hi-temp and hi-pressure) custom racing hoses. They use the highest quality components and the finished products are outstanding. Shipping is prompt and service is the best. Of course, they are from Wisconsin, one of the last remaining sites of professionalism and courtesy and the only source of good cheese.  D.N. from California

I write this to tell you how impressed I was. What you did for me is very rare and I am thankful for your effort. What you did carries me through all the lesser attempts by others who don't fully appreciate what customer service is! Thank you again!  R.G. from Ontario, Canada

The website and search feature is amazing. The best online/search catalog I've used.  D.O. from Virginia

Verry Much Impressed. I just received my order today after ordering it online yesterday early evening. I have to say I'm very much impressed with the speed & efficiency the order was delivered. Job well done. If only other auto parts companies were as good. Thanks.  J.H. from Ontario, Canada

As you all know, sometimes it's tough trying to find a supplier of odd shaped or sized items. Well, Pegasus came thru for me and the quality is there to boot. Additionally, it was fair priced and shipped fast. You can't do better than that!  J.T. from Colorado

Thank you for your email response and for taking care of my problem. It's great to work with a vendor that is proactive in resolving customer issues. I'm looking forward to doing more business with your company in the future.  H.B. from Iowa

You guys ROCK! I placed a late order with no expectation it would ship today. I just got a shipment confirmation this evening and I'm ecstatic! Thank you! Pegasus comes in first place, AGAIN!  P.K. from North Carolina

I just want to thank you for the great help and for the fast response. I wish all my vendors were like you - that they make the customers their first priority.  M.H. from Kuwait

GREAT COMPANY! Excellent to deal with. Fast shipping and great people!  R.V. from Louisiana

The goods arrived this morning. Super fast and efficient. Thank you very much.  M.P. from Italy

Super fast shipping on parts. I ordered parts from you all and was extremely happy at the packaging and how fast they came not to mention the great prices.  M.M. from Florida

Your website is one of the best out there. Very easy to find exactly what I was searching for. Very well thought out!  T.Z. from Arizona

Great to deal with - fast and reliable. Would always use when products are not available in Australia.  A.W. from Queensland

The items were the right price, delivery was quick, reliable and trouble free. Made it to Australia in quick time.  J.S. from New South Wales

Good to know there's still places out there that pride themselves on their business. Being a full time racer I can assure you money is tight. It's good to feel secure and know that you guys put customers and honesty at the same level and lead on that principal. Thanks!  W.M. from Massachusetts

I appreciate the variety of bits you carry! Good prices, and almost always have what I need to keep the car going. Also appreciate your support of my club, VSCDA!  T.P. from Michigan

You folks are AWESOME! Thanks for keeping the customer in mind. I wish more companies thought the same way.  D.R. from Illinois

I just wanted to express how pleased I am with the service I receive from Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies. It was hard to find one place with everything that I need and that ship to Canada. To me there is only one place to get anything of this nature, and that place is Pegasus!  M.R. from Alberta, Canada

Great people to do business with. I bought several items from these guys and was very pleased with the items and their attention to their customers.  R.J. from Florida

Product is as advertised. Thanks Pegasus for your fast shipping and quality products!  D.S. from Florida

I have been a long time customer but recently because you have become a sponsor of vintage racing, (VSCDA), I have tried to make ALL of my purchases from Pegasus. Thank you for your support of vintage racing and your excellent and speedy parts delivery!!  D.B. from Indiana

You guys are SOOOOOO cool! Real parts, excellent prices, and customer care way beyond the call of duty. The six bucks shipping refund isn't the issue. The fact that you refunded it, and notified me, proves your caliber. Not to forget that you had arcane items IN STOCK, or that your website permits "quick ordering", or that your PAPER catalog has excellent and clear info!  C.P. from Hawaii

You seem to treat everyone like you know them personally and feel that you have a hand in each build that you hear about and supply parts for. This is truly a winning attitude. Just another reason that Pegasus is truly the best!  M.R. from Alberta, Canada

While it's great to get positive feedback, we also want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve our website or our service. Click here to send an email message. We really do listen.

Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our success

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