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What customers are saying about our service and our website

The following is a random sample of the comments we get from customers nearly every day. Some entries are edited for brevity.

Pegasus is an excellent business. I rely on Pegasus for high quality (hi-temp and hi-pressure) custom racing hoses. They use the highest quality components and the finished products are outstanding. Shipping is prompt and service is the best. Of course, they are from Wisconsin, one of the last remaining sites of professionalism and courtesy and the only source of good cheese.  D.N. from California

I installed your product on my Toyota Land Cruiser that compared to the Samco tubing I recently purchased. Their hose cost me almost 2x the price compared to the tubing you offer. I really like your product over the Samco silicone coolant hose and I am looking forward to using more of your products.  R.B. from Pennsylvania

The replacement struts arrived today. Thank you so much for all your help. This is why we purchase from Pegasus!  H.M. from California

This was my first time ordering from you and the whole process has been a pleasure, the online ordering was so easy, the status of the parts, and quick delivery, It's almost fun. I will be ordering from you again.  R.E. from Ontario, Canada

The goods arrived this morning. Super fast and efficient. Thank you very much.  M.P. from Italy

I could not believe how quick the shipping was to Australia and the price, well it was so cheap that I didn't believe it would arrive so quickly. I bought something else from another city in Australia which took longer to arrive than the one from Pegasus in the USA. Well Done Pegasus Racing!  E.S. from Adelaide

I just wanted to add my 2 cents about Pegasus... what a great company to deal with. I have done several orders with them that have gone flawlessly. I even received a letter from them informing me of a small refund to my account due to a miscalculated shipping charge from a previous order. Now that's service. From other racers I have talked with I hear that they keep a large inventory so you don't get that backorder BS. It really bugs me when you order from some online shops and they don't ship it for a week because they never really had it in stock.  Posted on

Your company is the most dependable and fast. If you have it, I will buy without looking anywhere else. Keep up the great job.  B.G. from Pennsylvania

Thanks for your help sending out a new order quickly when UPS lost my package. Service like that is why I always check with Pegasus first when I need something motorsports related. I tell others about shopping with Pegasus as well.  M.R. from Louisiana

You guys provide the best service of any place I do business.  J.W. from Oklahoma

Just wanted to say thank you for realizing I ordered two items on separate occasions over the weekend and you combined shipping and refunded the difference. I used to run my own business for years and it's little things like that that make a huge difference. Really shows you're paying attention to what's going on and not just chucking things in a box and sending them on the way. I may not be the most prolific customer but you have one for life.  J.T. from Washington

Thanks for the quick response. Just placed my order. Love the fact you have most items in stock. I will be a returning customer for sure.  M.D. from Washington

Great to deal with - fast and reliable. Would always use when products are not available in Australia.  A.W. from Queensland

Your excellent service and product selection over the years is a statement to the exceptional team assembled at Pegasus. Whether it be sales or service I'm always amazed at the level of professionalism and customer attention your team exhibits. Your products are well defined with product descriptions that simplify the buyer's selection process and your attention to detail is unmatched. The processing and shipping of parts is state of the art. Thanks for the great service!  J.L. from Washington

Thanks! Great customer service. Pegasus Rocks.  C.V. from New Jersey

Looked all over for a certain fitting to modify my race car. Pegasus was the only one who had it. Perfect fit! They got me up and running.  K.S. from Virginia

Pegasus stocks hard-to-find parts. "Looked around the web at various aerospace and aviation suppliers and forgot these [metric jet nuts] were right under my nose at Pegasus! High quality and you can get quantity discounts too! Pegasus rocks."  K.L. from Illinois

Thank you Suzie for the great customer service! I can count on Pegasus Auto Racing for all my racecar building needs. You guys rock!  D.K. from Georgia

Pegasus has the best delivery time of anyone I've used mailorder, for anything. Great job, guys.  D.Y. from Michigan

I just wanted to drop off a note of thanks and say that your efforts to save my weekend are greatly appreciated and didn't go unnoticed. The turnaround time was impeccable. I contacted you late yesterday and my contact at UPS called me at 9:40 this morning to say it arrived. This is teamwork!!!  F.P. from Ontario, Canada

Pegasus remains the absolute go-to place for road racing products. The service, availability of parts, and shipping are the best you can get. I have been using Pegasus for over 15 years and they just get better.  G.I. from Florida

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