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What customers are saying about our service and our website

The following is a random sample of the comments we get from customers nearly every day. Some entries are edited for brevity.

After being treated the way we treat all of our customers, one customer sent this message: "That's just awesome!!! Never had a company do that before!! I will make Pegasus a regular stop for parts from now on!!" (To us it was just business as usual - but we're glad that he was impressed with our customer service.)  T.M. from Michigan

Always great service and prompt delivery.  G.H. from Florida

Everything about Pegasus is awesome. I can always count on them when I am in a bind. They are super friendly and always so helpful. I recommend them to everyone I know, and I try and buy everything I can from them. Thanks guys and gals! You all rock!  B.C. from California

Was looking for a product that was sold out across the country. They assured me they had it, and got it to me in time for Christmas.  Google Trusted Store reviewer

Thanks for putting together such a simple web site. It was quite easy to find the items I didn't have a part no. for and for those I did! I'll be back!!  J.M. from Michigan

I write this to tell you how impressed I was. What you did for me is very rare and I am thankful for your effort. What you did carries me through all the lesser attempts by others who don't fully appreciate what customer service is! Thank you again!  R.G. from Ontario, Canada

I was thoroughly impressed with the perfection that Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies achieves in its website, ordering process, shipping process, and customer service. They are truly a model to emulate for automobile sales companies.  P.S. from New Jersey

Service and delivery were absolutely fantastic! Another provider let me place the order without alerting me that they were out of stock for the next 6 weeks (so I canceled). Pegasus had 6 seats in stock, shipped it out the same day I ordered it, and gave me free shipping, and got the seat to me in 3 days across half the country! Additionally, the employee I spoke to on the phone was extremely friendly and helpful. This is how shopping for parts online should be!  C.A. from North Carolina

After switching an order from 3 day air to ground service to save on shipping and still get guaranteed delivery on the third day: "Thank you for your prompt attention to my order. Great customer service! Nice to find these days ... not the usual!"  W.M. from Virginia

Every thing I have ever ordered has been in stock or they get it to me very quickly. Whether I call in an ordwr, do an internet order or talk to a tech person, I have always (without exception) been fully satisfied. They are a great place to shop for my racing needs.  Google Trusted Store reviewer

Thanks for the email and thanks for your attention to detail. It's a pleasant surprise in this day and age.  A.G. from Australia

I've always had good success with my dealings with Pegasus. The only snafu was an experiment in shipping which didn't go as planned. One time out of 50+ purchases in 7 years. Not a bad record.  T.M. from Indiana

Pegasus is an excellent business. I rely on Pegasus for high quality (hi-temp and hi-pressure) custom racing hoses. They use the highest quality components and the finished products are outstanding. Shipping is prompt and service is the best. Of course, they are from Wisconsin, one of the last remaining sites of professionalism and courtesy and the only source of good cheese.  D.N. from California

I just received my order today and I wanted to say THANK YOU for the care you took in packing it. The outer box looks like it took a fair beating on the way here, but I am happy to report that everything inside was packed so well that it all arrived in perfect condition. You made my day!  J.H. from Texas

Thanks once again for such wonderful service. Order was placed Thursday evening (Australian Time) and delivered Monday morning. Wonderful.  J.T. from Australia

After being charged 49 cents to mail a couple of o-rings: "Thank you for being one of the few places that doesn't try to ship an o-ring via UPS and charge $10 for it. I'll take another look at your website for future needs."  J.C. from Ohio

I have been extremely impressed with the service you have provided on my purchase. I am not used to such a good service in the UK, as quite often I have to educate/argue/beg with certain suppliers to provide the goods. It has been a breath of fresh air dealing with Pegasus! Thanks again for your help and advice.  J.B. from England

You guys are SOOOOOO cool! Real parts, excellent prices, and customer care way beyond the call of duty. The six bucks shipping refund isn't the issue. The fact that you refunded it, and notified me, proves your caliber. Not to forget that you had arcane items IN STOCK, or that your website permits "quick ordering", or that your PAPER catalog has excellent and clear info!  C.P. from Hawaii

Pegasus had the better price on most of the stuff and they had it all. They also got the parts to me 2 days after I ordered them. I highly recommend them.  Posted on www.alfabb.com

Subject: Service quality. You guys are sooooooo much better than the competition! Thanks.  J.W. from California

Thanks, It's nice to find people that will work with you, even when the customer places the wrong order!!  D.P. from Florida

You guys provide the best service of any place I do business.  J.W. from Oklahoma

While it's great to get positive feedback, we also want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve our website or our service. Click here to send an email message. We really do listen.

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