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Brake Calipers & Repair Parts

We offer original equipment AP Lockheed replacement calipers as supplied on many formula cars. Lightweight aluminum calipers by Alcon, Performance Friction, and Outlaw are excellent weight-saving choices where rules allow. Where rules require iron calipers, the ICP Lightweight calipers weigh less than half as much as the original calipers. We also offer genuine AP/Lockeed and Girling rebuild and repair kits.

AP / Lockheed Brake Calipers product group AP / Lockheed Brake Calipers ICP Lightweight Iron Brake Calipers product group ICP Lightweight Iron Brake Calipers

Performance Friction Brake Calipers product group Performance Friction Brake Calipers Alcon Racing Brake Calipers product group Alcon Racing Brake Calipers

Outlaw Racing Brake Calipers sub-category Outlaw Racing Brake Calipers Girling Brake Caliper Repair Parts product group Girling Brake Caliper Repair Parts


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