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Early Warning Devices

Your gauges register a problem, you grab a quick glance at the gauges, and recognize that a problem exists, but your engine may have already suffered expensive damage. Our warning switches and lights can help save costly repairs by alerting you of problems before damage has a chance to occur.

The very first Pegasus part number, #1003, came about because Pegasus founder Chris Heitman raced a Formula Ford with a bad habit of throwing oil pump belts. By the time a commercially-available 20psi oil pressure switch would trigger the warning light, the engine was already damaged. Chris designed a 30psi oil pressure switch to turn on the light sooner so he had a chance to save the engine.

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Gauges and Data Acquisition

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225 F Temperature Switch, 1/4 NPT
225 F Temperature Switch, 1/4 NPT

This single-terminal switch connects to ground if the fluid temperature exceeds 225F. Works with any two-wire (non-grounding) warning light. 1/4 NPT male threads.

Cartek Club Version Programmable Sequential Shift Light
Cartek Club Version Programmable Sequential Shift Light

The Cartek Club Sequential Shift Light has 8 bright LEDs that you can program to come on in any of 6 different patterns. You can even use it as a warning light.

Dash Badge Identification Plate (Trans Pump)
Dash Badge Identification Plate (Trans Pump)

This red-on-black TRANS PUMP Dash Badge ID plate identifies switches on your dash quickly and clearly. High-quality plastic backed with reliable 3M adhesive.