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Robic Timer Battery Information

Robic Timer Battery Information

Where Can I Find a Replacement Battery for my Robic Timer?

Most Robic Timers use lithium batteries for long life. The US DOT considers these little batteries to be a hazardous material and has placed restrictions on how they may be shipped (including an extra compliance fee, which is higher than the price of the battery). Fortunately, these batteries are very common items that can be purchased locally at national chain stores such as Walgreen's, CVS, Wal-Mart, Target, and even most grocery stores. Some larger variety stores with watch departments may also have them for sale.

If you take the battery out of your timer, you will see the battery number stamped on it. You can use any brand of battery you like, as long as it has that same number on it.

CR2025 Battery

The CR2025 battery is used in the following Robic models:
SC-505 Multi-Mode Chronograph, Part No. 5035 (until 2010)
SC-544 Speed Timer / Twin Chrono 7, Part No. 5036, 5040, 5048 (no longer available)
SC-554 Speed Timer / Twin Chrono 20, Part Nos. 5031, 5032, 5034 (until 2010, no longer available)
SC-514S Speed Timer (no longer available)

The CR2032 battery is used in the following Robic models:
SC-505W Multi-Mode Chronograph, Part No. 5035 (after 2010)
SC-554W Speed Timer / Twin Chrono 20, Part Nos. 5031, 5032, 5034 (after 2010, no longer available)
SC-577 Wristwatch, Part No. 5058 (no longer available)
SC-584 Wristwatch, Part No. 5042 (no longer available)
SC-606 50 Lap Dual Memory Stopwatch, Part No. 5078-102
SC-636 Heat Stress and Comfort Index Stopwatch, Part No. 5078-103
SC-800 Sports Chronometer, Part Nos. 5033, 5043, 5046 (no longer available)
SC-808 200 Lap Memory Speed Chrono, Part Nos. 5055, 5065, 5066 (no longer available)
SC-848 300 Dual Memory Speed Chrono, Part No. 5078-101
SC-888 Triple Timer Speed-Chrono, Part Nos. 5037, 5038, 5039 (no longer available)
SC-889 Dual Memory Chronograph, Part No. 5078-105
SC-899 Triple Timer Countdown Chronograph, Part No. 5078-106
HW30 Heat / Humidity Stopwatch, Part No. 5057 (no longer available)
Oslo Silver 60 Dual Memory Stopwatch, Part No. 5078-104

If your watch is not listed here, and if your battery is missing, you may be able to figure it out with a simple test.

The CR2025 and CR2032 both measure 20mm diamter, just about the same diameter as a US penny. Two pennies are thicker than the CR2025 and almost as thick as the CR2032. If two pennies fit in the battery compartment without a problem, your watch takes a CR2032. If the battery cover will not close without a struggle (don't force it!), it takes a CR2025.

If the diameter of the battery compartment is too small for a penny to fit, you might need an LR44 battery. The LR44 measures 11.4mm x 5.2mm thick, just slightly larger in diameter than a AAA battery (but much shorter). You probably have AAA batteries in your TV remote control. If the diameter of a AAA battery just about fills the battery compartment, your watch takes an LR44.

This article was first published on 4/1/2009.

It was most recently modified on 2/16/2016.