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Bell USA Helmet Shields Master Chart, Snell 1990 to SA2020

Bell USA Helmet Shields Master Chart, Snell 1990 to SA2020

Ordering Bell USA Helmet Shields can be a little confusing because there are so many different helmet models and so many shield designs. To make matters worse, a few helmets have "traded" shields from one Snell generation to the next.

We have had to split the Bell shield listings onto several different pages just to keep the information to a length that wouldn't crash the web pages involved. This page brings all of the charts back together. Hopefully the result will make it easier for you to find the shield you need.

Note 1: This table covers Bell helmets going all the way back to the SA90 generation, but Bell has stopped making all shields for helmets earlier than SA2010. The information on older helmets is included here for reference only. We do not have a way to get shields that are out of production, but the information here should help you to decide if you should bid on that eBay auction or let it pass.

Note 2: This information applies to Bell USA helmets only. Bell USA and Bell Europe offered different helmets during the SA2000 and SA2005 generations (with one exception), and although the shield reference numbers and model names are sometimes similar, they are not the same. The reunited company offered a "one-world" helmet lineup for the SA2010 generation, so SA2010 and newer helmets are the same for the USA as for the rest of the world.

Kam-Lok vs SRV: Bell helmets from SA80 through SA2000 (and some SA2005) used the Kam-Lok positive detent pivot system. The slot in front of the pivot screw has three notches, and a tab washer engages that slot. Kam-Lok helmets go "CLICK-CLICK-CLICK" and stay in place when you open them. The SRV pivot (adopted from the Bell Europe "SE3" design) was introduced on a few models in the middle of the SA2005 generation. The slot in front of the pivot screw is smooth, and a second screw holds a friction washer in the slot. SRV shields do not make a ratcheting noise when they go up or down. More information on Kam-Lok and SRV Pivots (including photos of each style).

Bell Full-Face Helmet Shields
Bell USA Helmet ModelSnell RatingBell Reference No. Pegasus Part No.
Air Extractor SA952802316
AFX-1 SA90276A2282
BR-1SA05280 SRV 2312-001
BR.1SA10/15281 SRV 2312-002
SA05 early 2762282
SA05 late 276 SRV 2312-004
Dominator.2 SA10/15 287 SRV 2312-008
Feuling SS, Feuling IISA95/002762282
GP2 SA05 (2009+)SE3 2312-006
GP.2 SA10287 SRV 2312-008
GP.2 Youth SA15287 SRV 2312-008
GP.3, GP.3 Carbon, GP.3 Sport SA15/20DSAF/SE03 2312-016
GT2 SA05 (2009+)SE5
GT5 Touring SA10/15SE05 2312-011
GTX SA00 276 2282
SA05 early 2762282
SA05 late 276 SRV 2312-004
GTX.2 SA10287 SRV 2312-008
GTX.3, GTX.3 Carbon SA15/20DSAF/SE03 2312-016
HP3 SA05/10DSAF3/SE3 2312-006
HP5 Touring SA10/15SE05 2312-011
HP7 SA15DSAF/SE07 2312-012
Infusion SA05 285 SRV 2312-028
K.1 ProSA15/20 287 SRV 2312-008
K-1 SportSA00/05 276 2282
K.1 SportSA10 276 SRV 2312-004
K1 SportSA20 287 SRV 2312-008
M2 (.125" thick)SA90253B2272
M2, M2 Pro, M2 Forced Air SA95/00/05 (early)2802316
M3, M3 Xtra SA90 276A 2282
SA95/00 281 2315
SA05 early 281 2315
SA05 late 281 SRV 2312-002
M4, M4 Pro SA95/002802316
SA05 early 2802315
SA05 late 280 SRV 2312-001
M.4 SA10 281 SRV 2312-002
M.8, M.8 Carbon SA15/20 SRV-8 2312-032
Racestar II/IIIM90256A2246
Racestar III, RS IIIM95/00280B2317
Racestar IVM90/95276B2238
RS7, RS7 Carbon SA10/15/20DSAF/SE07 2312-012
Sport SA90 256A 2246
Sport SA05 (2009+) /
281 SRV 2312-002
Sport II SA90276A2282
Sport II, Sport III, Sport 3 SA95/00/05
(to 2008)
Sport II Forced Air (.080" thick)SA90253A2248
Sport II Forced AirSA952802316
Sport EV SA10/15 288 SRV 2312-010
Star.GP SA10 287 SRV 2312-008
Star Infusion SA10 287 SRV 2312-008
T5 SA00 276 2282
T6, T6 Interceptor SA05 276 SRV 2312-004
Vador SA10/15 289 SRV 2312-030
Vortex (not FA or TFA)SA90276A2282
SA05 early 2812315
SA05 late 281 SRV 2312-002
Vortex.2 (including Side Air & Top Air)SA05 late 281 SRV 2312-002
Vortex GT SA10 276 SRV 2312-004
More information on Bell USA vs Bell Europe

Bell spun off their European division as an independent company many years ago. While Bell USA remained faithful to the traditional Kam-Lok detent system, Bell Europe eventually developed a friction-lock system. The new European shields still used 3-digit reference numbers, but with the prefix "SV". Bell Europe began changing to an all-new 1-digit reference number with the prefix "SE" when the two companies reunited for the SA2005 generation.

At first, this resulted in Bell USA offering the (formerly) Bell Europe GP2 and GT2 helmets (SA2005) with the European "SE3" and "SE5" shields. Starting in 2006, Bell USA began redesigning several of their American models to accept their own version of the friction-lock system which they called SRV (not to be confused with the European SV system). These new Bell USA shields had the familiar 3-digit reference numbers, but with the suffix "SRV". SA10 and SA15 Bell helmets use a mix of these last "SRV" shields and "SE0_" shieds (2-digit reference number with "SE" prefix).

SRV is not the same as SV. No helmet officially sold on the American market ever used an "SV" shield.
SE03 is not the same as SE3. The only helmets officially sold on the American market which took the SE3 shield were the GP2 (SA2005 only) and carbon-fiber HP3 (SA2005 and SA2010).

This article was first published on 9/18/2019.

It was most recently modified on 12/11/2020.