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Fire Suppression System Refilling

Pegasus is proud to be an authorized refill center for SPA AFFF fire suppression systems.

Refilling prices include inspection of the cylinder inside and out, refilling with fresh AFFF solution, repressurizing to factory specifications, and FIA recertification (for FIA-approved systems only). If more work or replacement parts are required, we will contact you with the extra costs.


  • Bottles that are past their service date cannot be serviced.
  • Bottles over 5 years old must pass a hydrostatic test before service (extra cost applies)
  • Bottles over 10 years old cannot be serviced.
  • Bottles originally designed for gas (Halon / FE-36) or dry chem (powder) cannot be retrofitted with AFFF.

pdf icon Sending your SPA AFFF Fire Bottle to Pegasus

(H) = Hazardous. All pressurized fire suppression systems are classified as Hazardous by the US Department of Transportation. A hazardous shipping charge of $33.00 (ground shipping) or $46.50 (air shipping) will apply.

(HAO) = Hazardous, Air Only. These items are classified as Hazardous by the US DOT only when shipped by air (3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, or Next Day Air). A hazardous shipping charge of $45.00 will apply if shipped by air. Ground shipping does not incur a surcharge on these items.

Part No.
(H) SPA AFFF Fire Suppression System, Refill & Recertify


(H) SPA AFFF Fire Suppression System, Refill & Recertify

In Stock
(HAO) Firecharger Recharge Kit


(HAO) Firecharger Recharge Kit

$52.99In Stock