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Two-Piece Lightweight Brake Rotors for FF and FC

Reducing unsprung, rotating weight can have a very significant impact upon a car's performance. These hi-tech rotor assemblies weigh as little as 3 1/2 pounds! We offer assemblies for Swift, Reynard and Van Diemen formula car applications that use Lockheed LD 19 or LD 20 brake calipers.

Should I replace 1, 2, or all 4 rotors?
Professional teams and top National drivers generally replace all four rotors at once. This produces the best result, but it is out of the budget of many club racers. Replacing the rotors in pairs (both front or both rear rotors) will maintain balance and minimizes pulling and uneven lockup under braking.

Part No.
Lightweight Two-Piece Brake Rotor Assembly


Lightweight Two-Piece Brake Rotor Assembly

In Stock
Lightweight Brake Disc Only


Lightweight Brake Disc Only

$169.99In Stock
Lightweight Brake Hat Only


Lightweight Brake Hat Only

$157.99In Stock
Hardware Kit for TDI Brake Rotors


Hardware Kit for TDI Brake Rotors

$21.29In Stock