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Staubli RMI Series Dry-Disconnect Fluid Couplings

The RMI series from Stäubli is a low-cost alternative to the Staubli SPT series of dry disconnect fittings. Connecting a plug to a socket automatically opens the internal valves. Disconnect them by pulling back on the socket collar, and both ends automatically close tight to prevent leakage.

The Stäubli RMI Series are perfect for oil hoses and small-diameter coolant hoses in performance and racing applications. The fluorocarbon seals are compatible with most automotive oils and coolants. Maximum operating temperature of 300° F allows working pressures to 230 psi (pressures below 145 psi can increase the operating temperature to 390° F).

Three series of RMI connectors are available. Each series will only mate to connectors in that same series, but some interchange of AN fitting sizes is also possible. For example, an RMI09 plug with a 6AN fitting can mate to an RMI09 socket with an 8AN fitting.

Staubli RMI Series Flow Rates at 5 psi
RMI Series AN Fitting SizesFlow Rate*
Gallons per Minute
RMI09 6AN, 8AN4.5 gpm
RMI12 10AN, 12AN 10 gpm
RMI16 12AN, 16AN 18 gpm

*Using standardized oil with a viscosity of 13.4 cSt at 104° F (for comparison, gasoline has a viscosity between 0.4 and 0.8 at 104° F and Red Line 5W30 oil has a viscosity of 10.6 cSt at 212° F).

Part No.
Staubli Non-Spill RMI Quick-Release Socket


Staubli Non-Spill RMI Quick-Release Socket

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Staubli Non-Spill RMI Quick-Release Plug


Staubli Non-Spill RMI Quick-Release Plug

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