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Weber IDA Complete Carburetors

The Weber IDA dual-throat downdraft is an all-out racing carburetor. There are no "street" parts to remove for racing.

The IDA was designed for Italian racing engines in the 1950s and was quickly adopted by the Porsche factory racing team. Carroll Shelby also saw the potential of the 48 IDA, winning championships with a set of 4 on factory racing Cobras. From there, they found their way onto VW engines where they dominated the quarter-mile.

The IDA is supplied without a cold-start choke mechanism, which means better airflow at the expense of cold driveability. Because 48 IDA carburetors flow so much air, accurate synchronizarion of multiple carburetors is critical. A poorly-designed or ill-maintained linkage will ruin an otherwise perfect tune.

Part No.
Weber 48 IDA Carburetor


Weber 48 IDA Carburetor

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