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Custom Hose Order Form for 910 Aramid Braided PTFE Racing Hose, 4AN

Use this page to specify the length and type of hose ends to be installed on your custom-made hose. If you want more than one hose assembly made to the same exact specifications, you can also specify the quantity of hoses to be made. The default quantity is one. The prices of the hose ends shown below include the cost of installation and proof testing.

This custom hose assembly will be made using the following hose material:

Part No. 3490-04-INCH

910 Aramid Braided PTFE Racing Hose, 4AN

See bottom of page for more information on this style of hose.

Quantity of hoses made to this exact specification:

Specify the length of the assembled hose: inches

The length of the hose assembly is measured to the center of the sealing surface (the flare for AN fittings). For banjo hose ends, the length is measured to the center of the banjo. The normal length tolerance is 0.25 inch plus 1% of the overall length (plus or minus). Minimum length is 6 inches. Maximum length is 240 inches.

Select Both Hose Ends from this list

Select End A

Select End B


Part No.




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-4 Swaged Hose End, 4AN Female Straight, Aluminum

$22.49 In Stock
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-4 Swaged Hose End, 4AN Female 45 Degree, Machined Aluminum

$51.49 In Stock
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-4 Swaged Hose End, 4AN Female 90 Degree, Machined Aluminum

$51.49 In Stock
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-4 Swaged Hose End, 4AN Female 120 Degree, Machined Aluminum

$55.49 In Stock

Specify Fitting Alignment:

Important Note: It can be very difficult to determine the fitting alignment without trial and error. When bends are introduced to the hose, the apparent orientation can change significantly. Two methods can be used to avoid having to worry about fitting alignment:

  1. At least one end of the hose should have a straight fitting.
  2. If both ends of the hose require angled fittings, at least one of them should be a swivel fitting (Fitting Part No. starts with HE205). It usually is not necessary to use a swivel fitting at both ends. One end can use the less expensive standard fitting (Fitting Part No. starts with HE201).

If either of these two methods is used, just leave the alignment at the 0° default value.

Fitting Alignment Illustration

Detailed Description of Hose Material

Part No. 3490 -04 -INCH

910 Aramid Braided PTFE Racing Hose, 4AN - per inch

Goodridge G-Line XF 910 hose was developed with professional racing teams who needed a super-flexible, ultra-lightweight fuel hose with excellent flow that wouldn't collapse under vacuum.

The anti-static PTFE liner is compatible with all types of racing fluids (coolant, oil, brake fluid) and ALL types of fuel (gasoline, diesel, E85, alcohol, and nitromethane). It is also fully resistant to fuel vapor penetration. Unique semi-corrugated liner design is much more flexible than other types of hose, but the smooth bore retains optimum flow. The hose ends (sold separately) require no special tooling to assemble, so you can build hoses at the track. Black Aramid braid has a yellow strand for easy identification. 910 hose is specifically listed by the NHRA as an approved Woven hose type.

Note: This hose is only compatible with our 811 Tube-Style AN Hose Ends (Part No. 3481) or 811 Forged AN Hose Ends (Part No. 3484). It is not compatible with any other hose ends, and it cannot be clamped on a hose barb!

Hose Assembly Instructions for Type 811 and Type 910 Hose

Type 910 Aramid Braided Racing Hose
Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Min. Bend
per ft
-4 0.27" 0.41" 1,320 psi 0.92" 0.59 oz
-6 0.38" 0.57" 1,180 psi 0.80" 0.95 oz
-8 0.50" 0.65" 1,030 psi 1.43" 1.52 oz
-10 0.63" 0.82" 955 psi 1.77" 2.16 oz
-12 0.75" 0.96" 880 psi 2.00" 3.14 oz
-16 1.00" 1.27" 740 psi 2.75" 5.12 oz
-20 1.26" 1.51" 666 psi 3.94" 10.46 oz

* Reusable hose ends not available in 20AN size. This size is stocked for Custom-Made Hoses only.

All sizes are rated to 30 in-Hg vacuum service up to 130°C (266°F). Temperature range -45°C to 170°C (-49°F to 338°F).

We also offer 811 Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose (Part No. 3480), which features the same anti-static PTFE liner with a heavy-duty stainless steel outer braid.

Please Note: Due to manufacturing limitations, the PTFE liner is not one continuous extrusion, as on other hoses. The liner consists of shorter lengths (approximately 20-30 feet long, depending on the hose size) which are spliced together to allow the outer braid to be produced. These spliced areas are visibly necked-down and marked to be easy to spot. Splices must not be used in hoses! Orders for less than 20 feet will not contain a splice. If you are ordering more than 20 feet of hose, please let us know the minimum uncut lengths that you require.