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August 2014 Pegasus News

New! Mothers Car Care Products
Check out our expanded selection of Mothers car care products!
Mothers Car Care Products

In response to popular demand, we have greatly expanded our offering of Mothers Car Care Products! From the original Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish to the latest in paint cleaning and protection, we now have 26 different Mothers products in stock!

Mothers Car Care Products

More New Products for the month of August
Beta Tools 1838SL Ultra-Thin LED Inspection Lamp
New Beta Tools 1838SL Ultra-Thin LED Inspection Lamp - This compact work light is just 1/4 inch thick! 15 super-bright LEDs light up instantly and stay cool to the touch. Includes alligator clips and a cigarette lighter plug to let you connect to your car's 12v battery.

As seen in PRI Magazine!
Weldable Tube Ends with Metric Threads
New Weldable Tube Ends with Metric Threads - Fabricate your own linkages and suspension components with these 4130 chrome moly tube ends. The OD fits common metric tubing sizes, and the metric threads match common metric rod ends.
from $4.99 each
matching Aurora Rod Ends with Male Metric Threads are sold separately.
Sock Filter with Adapter for Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
New Sock Filter with Adapter for Bosch 044 Fuel Pump - Installing a sock filter on the inlet side of your in-tank Bosch "044" fuel pump used to mean purchasing a filter and a nylon adapter separately. This complete kit includes a 31 micron sock filter, a high-quality 18x1.5mm threaded aluminum adapter, and a sealing washer.

Goodridge Silver Firesleeve
New Silicone-coated Insulating Sleeve in Silver and Black - In addition to the classic orange-red Aeroquip Firesleeve, we now offer similar silicone-coated insulating sleeve from Goodridge in silver-grey color and from Thermo-Tec in black.
Aeroquip Firesleeve (orange-red) from $0.84 per inch
Goodridge Silver Sleeve from $0.49 per inch
Thermo-Tec Black Sleeve from $0.79 per inch
Other Featured Products for the month of August
Varley Red Top Racing Batteries
Free Shipping* on Varley Red Top Racing Batteries - Designed specifically for racing use. These sealed 12 volt lead-acid batteries have extremely high energy density. Many European-built race cars have battery compartments designed to accept a Varley Red Top, and nothing else fits properly or works as well. Seven different sizes from 7AH to 51AH are now in stock.

from $249.99
Apex Covered Universal Joints
Apex Covered Universal Joints (Helicopter Joints) - These strong yet compact, military specification joints are often used in shift linkages. They are permanently lubricated and protected with a silicone rubber boot. All 8 sizes now in stock ranging from 0.25 to 1.25 inch bore.

from $109.99 (quantity discounts available)
Saddle Washers for Shift Linkage Joints
Saddle Washers for Shift Linkage Joints with #10 Cross Bolt - Plated steel saddle washers provide a proper bearing surface for cross-bolted joints in shift linkages and similar tubular joints. Helps maintain clamping pressure in order to minimize relative motion and resulting wear. Sold individually.
Now also available For 1/4 inch Cross Bolt
$3.29 each
Coleman Super Mini Gear Reduction Starter Assembly
Free Shipping* on Coleman Super Mini Gear Reduction Kart Starter Assembly - Self-contained gear reduction starter with sealed battery. Weighs only 18 pounds. Has a standard 5/16 hex drive. Two year manufacturer warranty.
We also stock a Replacement Battery for the Coleman Starter.
5000 lb. Recessed Mount D-Ring - Save 25%
5000 lb. Recessed Mount D-Ring - These D-rings are rated at 5,000 pounds, matching or exceeding the working load rating of most tie downs. The recessed mount requires a cutout in the trailer floor, but it presents almost no obstruction when the ring is folded down. Maximum depth of the recess is 1 inch.
Save 25%
Now only $5.99
regularly $7.99
Auto Dolly Vehicle Dollies - set of 4
Auto Dolly Vehicle Dolly System makes it easy to move cars or other vehicles (even trailers) forwards, backwards, sideways, or diagonally to make the most of available space. Each Auto Dolly can support 1500 lb. (up to 6000 lb. per set).

for a set of 4
Auto Dolly Roll Around, 5-Bolt Pattern (set of 2)
Auto Dolly Roll Around, 5-Bolt Pattern (set of 2) - If you have ever had to move a car AFTER taking the wheels off, you know that these can be a lifesaver! Simply bolt the Roll Around attachments to your Auto Dollys (sold separately). In minutes, the car is mobile again!

$115.99 per pair
Beta Tools C39 7-Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C39 7-Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet - Top-of-the-line tool trolley features seven drawers with positive-acting latches. To open, simply pull on the full-length drawer handle. No unnatural motions required. The aluminum frame lets the C39 support 2600 pounds. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Ford Racing Performance Parts
Free Shipping on Ford 1.6L Kent Engine Blocks
Ford 1.6L Kent Engine Blocks - Newly manufactured by Ford using original blueprints. Some areas have been strengthened for increased durability.
Lotus Block also available!
With Free Shipping* to 48 states!
Ford Fiesta B-Spec Parts from Ford Racing
Ford Fiesta B-Spec Parts - The new B-Spec class for small cars is the next big thing in road racing. Limited modifications keep costs low. Buy a new Ford Fiesta, add a few Ford Racing parts, and get on track for less money than some club racers spend in a single season!
Ford Racing Driveline Parts
Ford Racing Driveline Parts - Get all of that power to the road with these genuine Ford Racing driveline parts and accessories! Whether you drive a Focus, a Mustang, or an F-150, we've got something for your driveline.
Ford Racing Parts & Accessories for V8s
Ford Racing Parts & Accessories for V8s - We have the racing parts you need to get the most from your Ford V8 including: Mustang GT Cold Air Tuner Kit, High Volume Oil Pumps, A/C Eliminator Kits and much more.
Free Shipping on most orders over $199 shipped within the Continental United States
We have many large and heavy items in our inventory. That has made it difficult for us to offer a wide-ranging free shipping policy. Yet we realize that free shipping is important to many of our customers. You spoke and we heard you. More than 99.7% of the items in our inventory now qualify for Free Shipping on orders over $199 shipped to the 48 states within the continental US. There are a few exceptions (mainly Roll Bars, Roll Cages, Racing Seats and full sheets of Jabroc). We've tried to keep the exceptions to a minimum. Orders with free shipping are shipped by the most economical method of our choice. Air shipments and other orders with paid shipping are given priority in our warehouse, so orders with free shipping may not always ship the same day. However, if you have a few extra days available in your schedule, you can save significantly with our new free shipping policy. Note: Our Free Shipping policy applies to retail customers only.
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