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August 2020 Pegasus News

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Metric Floating Nut Plates
Metric Floating Nut Plates - These self-locking, all-metal nut plates are similar to MS21059 Mil Spec floating nut plates, but with metric thread sizes (M3 through M8). They install using the same rivet sizes as MS21059 nut plates (2.5mm / 3/32 inch on sizes M3 through M5 and 3.3mm / 1/8 inch on M6 and M8).
from $3.39 each (quantity discounts available)
Sabelt Silver Series A622 Formula 2x2 FIA Harness
Free Shipping* on the Sabelt Silver Series A622 Formula 2x2 FIA Harness - This formula car harness is homologated to the tough new FIA 8853/2016 standard. The 2 inch lap belts have sewn loops (not metal D-rings) for the sub straps to pass through.
with Free Shipping*
MS21042 Jetnuts
MS21042 Jetnuts - These self-locking nuts are lighter than AN365 nylon-insert locknuts. The all-metal construction is rated to temperatures up to 450F (AN365 nuts are limited to 250F). The reduced hex size also helps where wrench access is tight. We carry the latest "Style B" with a thicker, stronger flange.
from $0.27 each (quantity discounts available)
We also offer similar (but not Mil-Spec) Metric Jetnuts.
August Special I: Buy Aeromotive, Get the T-Shirt

Get a Free T-Shirt with any $100 Aeromotive Order!

Aeromotive Fuel System Components

Aeromotive fuel system components are designed and built in the USA by racers who know high-performance fuel systems inside and out. Unlike many other companies, Aeromotive doesn't simply copy their competitors. If an existing product is good but not perfect, the aerospace-trained engineers at Aeromotive look for ways to improve the entire concept.

Now through the end of August, place an order for $100 or more in Aeromotive products and get a free Aeromotive T-Shirt by mail-in rebate.

This offer applies to all orders placed during the month of August. One shirt per order.

Aeromotive Fuel System Components

Download the Aeromotive August 2020 T-Shirt Rebate Form (PDF)

August Special II: Save on All In-Stock Arai Helmets

Save 15% on all In-Stock Arai Helmets!

Arai SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets

Arai started manufacturing helmets in 1950 and quickly became a preferred choice of professional racers. And the pros don't get special treatment -- they get the same off-the-shelf helmets that you can buy. Each Arai helmet is hand-built in Japan.

From August 1 to August 31, get a 15% discount on any in-stock Arai SA2015 helmet.

Save 15% off of the original price:
Originally $629.99 to $869.99
Now $535.49 to $739.49

Remember, this discount is only valid on orders placed from August 1 to August 31!

Arai Auto Racing Helmets

Other Featured Items for the Month of August
Cartek XR Battery Isolator Kit
Free Shipping* on the Cartek XR Battery Isolator Kit - This solid-state master kill switch can be triggered by remote push button switches. Eliminates several feet of heavy battery cables. Interrupts the battery ground after sending a power-down signal to the ECU or ignition relay. Designed and built in the UK to meet FIA standards.
with Free Shipping*
Tilton XLT Starter for FF1600
Free Shipping* on the Tilton XLT Starter for FF1600 - Much more powerful and reliable than the original inertia-drive Lucas starters! The compact Tilton XLT starter fits almost any FF1600, S2000, or FC that used the old Lucas. More torque and higher cranking RPMs with lower amperage draw. Best of all, the pre-engaged design won't grind away your flywheel ring gear.
with Free Shipping*
MOMO Flat-Bottom Cut-Off Top 250mm Steering Wheel
Free Shipping* on the MOMO Flat-Bottom Cut-Off Top 250mm Steering Wheel - This compact 9 7/8" wheel is flat on the bottom for leg clearance in cramped formula car cockpits. The top of the rim is open for gauge visibility in a lay-down seat.
We also stock the slightly larger MOMO Flat-Bottom Cut-Off Top 270mm Steering Wheel for sports racers.
with Free Shipping*
Heavy-duty Slide-type Captive Hood Pins, pair
Heavy-duty Slide-type Captive Hood Pins (pair) - You won't have to worry about losing any parts since the clevis pins are attached to stainless steel retainer plates. They are also much easier to fasten in a hurry than conventional loose pins. The super-strong steel hood pins are 7/16 inch diameter, 4.5 inches long.
$17.99 per pair
Bosch 044 High Output Fuel Pump
Free Shipping* on the Bosch 044 High Output Fuel Pump - This genuine Bosch roller-vane fuel pump (Bosch FP200) is capable of delivering up to 53 gallons per hour (200 liters per hour) at 72 psi. It is OEM on many European performance cars, and has several decades of racing victories.
with Free Shipping*
We also offer a wide range of Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Adapter Fittings to help you connect the pump to just about any fuel system.
obp Track-Pro Pedal Boxes for BMW
Free Shipping* on obp Track-Pro Pedal Boxes for BMW - These all-in-one pedal sets from obp Motorsport are designed to fit specific BMW chassis with a minimum of work.
$529 to $1079
with Free Shipping*
B-G Racing Parallel Strings 4-Wheel Alignment Kit
Free Shipping* on the B-G Racing Parallel Strings 4-Wheel Alignment Kit - This clever setup hangs parallel toe alignment strings directly on the car. No more messing around with jackstands or milk jugs full of sand. You can even roll and bounce the car without having to recalibrate the strings! The front and rear attachment arms telescope in three planes to allow use on virtually any car.
with Free Shipping*
Scribner 5 Gallon Utility Jugs
Scribner 5 Gallon Utility Jugs - Don't spend another race weekend struggling with cheap jugs that leak all over! Scribner makes the highest-quality plastic jugs we have ever found. The machined sealing surface on the neck and heavy-duty cap ensure a tight seal. A 3/4 NPT plug in the cap can be removed for attaching a filler hose. Available in Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow.
$28.99 per jug
Beta Tools C57P Mastercargo Wall Panel Tool Storage Cabinet
Beta Tools C57P Mastercargo Wall Panel Tool Storage Cabinet - The professional way to store a lot of tools in a limited amount of room. Hangs on the wall so you don't give up valuable floor space. The smooth-rolling door locks for security. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Tool hooks, clips, and racks sold separately
Helmet Update: Snell SA2020 Timeline

The 2020 model year cars and trucks have been on dealer lots for months, so where are the 2020 helmets?

Unlike the auto industry, the Snell Memorial Foundation sets a strict calendar for the testing, manufacture, and rollout of helmets certified to each 5-year SA standard. Snell SA-rated helmets are NEVER available before the year of the SA standard. To ensure a level playing field, Snell prevents manufacturers from selling the new helmets until the fall of the year of the SA standard. SA2020 is no exception.

Snell will not allow manufacturers to advertise or sell their SA2020 approved helmets until October 1, 2020. If you need a new SA-rated helmet for a race before October, you will need to buy an SA2015 helmet.

The SA2015 standard will still be current for most racing organizations. Snell recommends that SA15-approved helmets in good condition should still be accepted (at least until the end of their recommended 5-year lifespan).

SCCA recently announced their SA10-to-SA15 changeover timeline. SCCA policy is to allow the current generation and the previous generation (for 2020, that means SA10 and SA15 helmets are accepted). The older generation is typically eliminated after the new generation has been on the market for one full year. For example, SA05 helmets were no longer accepted after 1/1/2017 (SA15 helmets were released in October 2015). SA10 helmets will officially be accepted until the end of 2021. SA15 helmets should be accepted until the end of 2026. Note that Snell and helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets after 5 years. An SA2015 helmet purchased in 2021 will be 5 years old in 2026.

We have a wide selection of Snell SA2015 Helmets in stock to fit any budget!

Have more questions about auto racing helmets? Check out our Helmet FAQ Page.
Read the full Snell SA2020 Helmet Timeline Update article.
More Safety Equipment Technical Documents and How-To Articles.

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