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October 2020 Pegasus News

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Jabroc Skid Plate Material in 8 thicknesses
Jabroc Skid Plate Material - This high-density wood laminate is manufactured to have predictable and uniform friction and wear characteristics. This makes it an ideal skid plate material. We stock 8 thicknesses from 4 to 50mm in several sheet sizes.
Full sheets (1m x 2m) from $259.99
Now shipping full sheets via truck freight for just $149 per order with no limit on the number of sheets (continental USA only). We even include the custom-made oversized protective shipping pallet for free!
AiM SmartyCam HD GP 2.2 for Open Cars
Free Shipping* on the AiM SmartyCam HD GP 2.2 - This rugged micro video camera was designed specifically for racing. Connect it to your AiM data logger to record data right on the screen. The v2.2 version can also connect directly to your ECU for engine data. The aerodynamic remote bullet camera is ideal for open cars (formula cars and open sports racers). 87 degree lens standard for use on open cars.
with Free Shipping*
Facet 9 - 11 psi Dura-Lift 12v Fuel Pump
Facet 9 - 11 psi Dura-Lift 12v Fuel Pump - Facet Dura-Lift pumps are designed to pull fuel a much greater distance than other electric pumps. This model is especially popular for replacing the feed pump on Ford 6.9L and 7.3L diesel trucks and vans. The higher lift capability lets you install it up in the engine bay rather than out of sight near the tank.
$101.99 (quantity discounts available)
October News: SA2020 Helmets Are Here!

Snell SA2020 Helmets In Stock!

Snell SA2020 Auto Racing Helmets

Our first shipments of Snell SA2020 helmets have arrived, with more coming in almost daily!

The Snell Memorial Foundation sets a strict timeline for the rollout of helmets certified to each new standard, which means that SA2020 helmets cannot be advertised or sold until October 1, 2020. October is here, and so are SA2020 helmets!

Snell SA2020 Helmets

If your preferred helmet hasn't arrived yet, you can still place an order to be put on the waiting list.

October Special: Save 25% on SA2015 Helmets

Save on SA2015 Helmets!

SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets

We're making room in our warehouse for SA20 helmets, which means you can score a great deal on an SA2015 helmet while supplies last!

These brand-new helmets are certified to Snell SA2015 standards. Most racing organizations will continue to accept SA2015 helmets for at least 5 more years. Snell recommends replacing your helmet after 5 years, which means you will get the full service life at a discounted price.

Save 25% off of the original price:
Originally $219.95 to $999.95
Now $164.95 to $749.95

Sales are first-come, first-serve. As these helmets sell out we may not be able to get more. Don't hesitate and let someone else get your helmet!

SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets on Sale

October is Fire Safety Month
SPA FIA18 4.0L AFFF Fire Systems, FIA Approved
Free Shipping* on SPA FIA18 4.0L AFFF Fire Systems - These FIA-approved, SCCA-legal fire systems include a pressurized bottle filled with 4 liters of AFFF (foam) extinguishant, 4 discharge nozzles, tubing, and actuator. Available with Mechanical or Electrical actuation with an economical steel bottle or a lightweight aluminum bottle.
$410 to $979
with Free Shipping*
SFI-Approved FireBottle FE-36 Fire Suppression Systems
Free Shipping* on SFI-Approved FireBottle FE-36 Fire Suppression Systems - FE-36 is DuPont's ozone-friendly replacement for Halon, with similar performance and lower toxicity. FE-36 releases as a gas and requires no cleanup afterwards. These SFI 17.1-approved fire systems are SCCA-legal for all cars and all classes.
from $419.99
With Free Shipping*
Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 Fire Marshal System
Free Shipping* on the Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 Fire Marshal System - This FIA-approved fire system is the smallest and most economical we have found. It fits in the same space as the old European 5.5 pound Halon bottles used in many older formula cars, but uses ozone-friendly, FIA-approved Novec 1230 gas extinguishant. SCCA legal in all cars.
with Free Shipping*
Other Featured Items for the Month of October
Free Shipping* on the OMP ONE VERSA 2x2 FIA Harness - Not sure if you need pull-up or pull-down lap belt adjusters? No problem! This sedan harness lets you set up the lap belt as you need it. You can even make one side pull-up and the other side pull-down. Homologated to the latest FIA 8858-2016 standard.
with Free Shipping*
Pegasus Pro Design Hose Joiners
Pegasus Pro Design Hose Joiners - These aluminum nipples are carefully over-engineered to connect two rubber hoses securely and without leaks. Multiple small ribs on the outside create a positive, leak-free seal against the inside of your hose. A larger barb at each end keeps your hose and clamp from slipping off under pressure. Nineteen sizes from 13mm (1/2 inch) through 89mm (3.5 inch) OD in stock.
$7.99 to $20.99 (quantity discounts available on all sizes)
Cartek FIA-Approved LED Rain Lights
Cartek FIA-Approved LED Rain Lights - Cartek rain lights are used by pro racing teams around the world. These reliable, lightweight lights use 15 red LEDs to meet or exceed FIA and SCCA requirements. Choose vertical or horizontal orientation, steady or flashing. Each measures 3.6 x 2.3 inches.
$120.99 to $174.99
Camloc Quarter-Turn Fasteners
Camloc Quarter-Turn Fasteners - Continued strong demand from aircraft builders means lead times for Camloc fasteners are often 52 weeks or more. We stock large quantities of both Light Duty (2600/2700 Series) and Heavy Duty (4002 Series) Camloc Quarter-Turn Fasteners to help avoid backorders.
Light-Duty Camloc Fasteners
Heavy-Duty Camloc Fasteners
Flip Chart Pit Board
Flip Chart Pit Board - Pit signalling boards are a great way to communicate with drivers, even for teams with radios. Our classic spiral-bound pit board is weather resistant for long life. All three positions have numbers 0 through 9. The first position also includes T, P, L, +, - and a blank panel for your own custom symbol. Positions 2 and 3 also include the word 'IN'.
Beta Tools C54 NewCargo Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C54 NewCargo Tool Cabinet - This professional wall-mount cabinet is designed to hold a lot of tools without taking up a lot of floor space. You've seen it in pro racing transporters and in the F1 paddock. Its big brother C53 was even in the movie Rush. Now you can have it in your own garage! Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
$835.66 empty (tools, hooks, and racks sold separately)
Choosing and Owning a Fire Suppression System

For such a critical piece of safety equipment, fire systems can be a complicated topic. There is so much information, it can be hard to know what questions to ask.

If you are shopping for a new system, start by reading your rule book. What do the rules require? What is acceptable, and what will get you sent home early? Returning an incorrect fire system is nearly impossible, so it is critical to get it right the first time.

Should you get an electrical system or mechanical? Electrical systems allow more flexibility in installation, but they are typically more expensive.

What extinguishing agent is best? AFFF (foam) systems are often less expensive than gas, but gas systems do not require any cleanup afterwards.

How many nozzles do you need? You can't add or omit nozzles from most systems.

Click the link below to learn more!

Choosing and Using a Fire Suppression System

More Safety Equipment Tech Documents

Fire Suppression Systems

Free Shipping on most orders over $199 shipped within the Continental United States
We have many large and heavy items in our inventory. That has made it difficult for us to offer a wide-ranging free shipping policy. Yet we realize that free shipping is important to many of our customers. You spoke and we heard you. More than 99.7% of the items in our inventory now qualify for Free Shipping on orders over $199 shipped to the 48 states within the continental US. There are a few exceptions (mainly Roll Bars, Roll Cages, Beta tool cabinets, Racing Seats, and full sheets of Jabroc). We've tried to keep the exceptions to a minimum. Orders with free shipping are shipped by the most economical method of our choice. Air shipments and other orders with paid shipping are given priority in our warehouse, so orders with free shipping may not always ship the same day. However, if you have a few extra days available in your schedule, you can save significantly with our new free shipping policy. Note: Our Free Shipping policy applies to retail customers only.
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