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July 2022 Pegasus Mid-Month Update

Beat the Heat Part 2:
Our Thermal Barrier Products help to keep heat away from the driver.
Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier
Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier - Great for keeping heat out of the cockpit or for protecting fiberglass bodywork from damaging exhaust heat. The woven silica material has a high temperature adhesive backing. Easy to install on almost any clean, dry surface. 4 different sheet sizes available.
$12.49 to $78.99
Fire Resistant Self-Adhesive Gold Reflective Heat Barrier Film
Fire Resistant Self-adhesive Gold Reflective Heat Barrier Film - Reflects up to 750 degrees F radiant heat. Thin, lightweight and easy to install with a pre-applied fire resistant adhesive. Approximately 24 inches wide, sold by the running foot.
$33.49 per linear foot
Suppressor Heat and Sound Barrier Film
Suppressor Heat and Sound Barrier Film - Most of our thermal barrier products are only designed to reflect and insulate against heat. If you want to reduce noise too, self-adhesive Suppressor film from Thermo-Tec is the answer. Three sizes available.
$16.99 to $65.99
Header Wrap Kits
Header Wrap Kits - Header Wrap reduces under-hood temperatures, increases horsepower, and allows better exhaust scavenging. These convenient all-in-one kits include wrap, snap straps, and Hi-Heat Coating.
$66.99 to $132.99
High-Velocity Thermal Exhaust Jackets
High-Velocity Thermal Exhaust Jackets - Header wrapping can be a pain, especially if the headers are already installed. These jackets slip over the header tubes sideways. Simply fold them over the tube and clip the edges together! Two kits available for 4- and 6-cylinder engines or 8-cylinder engines.
$76.99 to $100.99
Turbo Insulating Kit
Turbo Insulating Kit - Reduce turbo lag while decreasing underhood temperatures! This kit makes it easy to insulate a typical 4-cylinder turbo: header wrap for the exhaust outlet pipe, aluminized heat barrier cloth to cover the snail, and metal straps to hold everything in place.
We'll also help to ensure that your engine and brakes don't overheat!
Davies Craig 12 Volt Electric Water Pumps
Davies Craig 12 Volt Electric Water Pumps - Increase your engine's cooling system capacity while freeing up valuable horsepower. Four different capacities are available to handle engines from stock 2.0L up to modified 5.0L turbos.
from $188.18
Setrab Pro Line Oil Coolers and Accessories
Setrab Pro Line Oil Coolers, Adapter Fittings, and Mounting Kits - These fully-brazed, epoxy-coated oil coolers are extremely reliable. Most cooler sizes have M22 ports to accept a wide variety of adapter fittings (sold separately). Mounting kits with rubber vibration isolators are also available. See the link below for helpful information on choosing the best size.
Cooling Air Ducting Hose
Cooling Air Ducting Hose - We stock Neoprene and high-temperature Silicone Air Ducting Hose, lined or unlined, in a variety of diameters and lengths.
from $34.99 per 3-foot length
We also stock
Air Inlet Ducts.
Tech Tips: Choosing and Using Engine Oil Coolers

Setrab Oil Coolers are available in so many different sizes and shapes that choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. We have posted an application chart and some general rules to follow when selecting and installing an engine oil cooler.

Setrab Series 6 Oil Cooler Installed

Choosing and Using Engine Oil Coolers


More Technical Information about Oil Systems
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