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Thermax6 Temperature Indicating Labels

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Brand: Tempil

Thermax Irreversible Temperature Labels are used by top teams to document temperatures that can't be measured during actual use. Each strip has 6 calibrated windows that change color permanently as soon as a specific temperature is reached. The label in the photo was exposed to heat between 410° and 420° F (210° to 216° C).

The Thermax 6 label is specially sized to fit the indentation on certain Brembo calipers, but they can be used on hundreds of other components, from oil tanks to shock absorbers.

Available in 6 temperature ranges covering temperatures from 149°F (65°C) to 554°F (290°C). Each strip measures 0.47" W x 1.26" L. Sold in packs of 10 strips of one temperature range.

Thermax 6 Temperature Range Details
Temperature Range Temp 1 Temp 2 Temp 3 Temp 4 Temp 5 Temp 6
149-199°F 149°F 65°C 160°F 71°C 171°F 77°C 180°F 82°C 190°F 88°C 199°F 93°C
210-261°F 210°F 99°C 219°F 104°C 230°F 110°C 241°F 116°C 250°F 121°C 261°F 127°C
270-320°F 270°F 132°C 280°F 138°C 289°F 143°C 300°F 149°C 309°F 154°C 320°F 160°C
331-379°F 331°F 166°C 340°F 171°C 351°F 177°C 360°F 182°C 370°F 188°C 379°F 193°C
390-450°F 390°F 199°C 399°F 204°C 410°F 210°C 421°F 216°C 435°F 224°C 450°F 232°C
466-554°F 466°F 241°C 480°F 249°C 489°F 254°C 500°F 260°C 536°F 280°C 554°F 290°C

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Thermax Temperature Labels, 149-199 F (65-93 C) 10-Pk

$24.99In Stock


Thermax Temperature Labels, 210-261 F (99-127 C) 10-Pk

$24.99In Stock


Thermax Temperature Labels, 270-320 F (132-160 C) 10-Pk

$24.99In Stock


Thermax Temperature Labels, 331-379 F (166-193 C) 10-Pk

$24.99In Stock


Thermax Temperature Labels, 390-450 F (199-232 C) 10-Pk

$24.99In Stock


Thermax Temperature Labels, 466-554 F (241-290 C) 10-Pk

$24.99In Stock