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HANS Device Tethers and Helmet Anchors

To keep the SFI and FIA ratings current on your HANS Device, the tethers must be replaced every 2 years, after any incident, or if they show any signs of wear. We stock many different tether and anchor styles.

PA Post Anchors: The most popular anchor type. Simply push the metal tab on the tether against the post and then slide forward to lock in place. To disengage, push the tab in towards the helmet and slide forward. PA anchors are SFI and FIA approved.
M61 Quick-Release Anchors: The latest anchor style, this low-profile quick-release anchor mates to a small metal tab at the end of the tether and releases with a tug on a lanyard. M61 anchors are SFI approved and FIA approved (when mounted on an SA2015 helmet).
QC Quick-Click Anchors: The original quick-release anchor uses no metal tab at the end of the tether, just a sewn loop. Releases with a tug on a lanyard. QC anchors are SFI approved.

Which Vision Advantage Sliding Tether Kit do I need? It depends on the size of your HANS Device:

  • Xtra Small (Super Small / Youth) and Small Devices typically use a 17" Kit
  • Medium and Large Devices normally use the 18" Kit
  • XLarge Devices can use the 19" Kit

But you can always use a shorter or longer tether if it improves comfort! Tests confirm that HANS Devices still offer the same protection and pass all SFI and FIA tests regardless of which tether length is used.