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Red Line Water Wetter Corrosion Comparison

Red Line Water Wetter Corrosion Comparison

Red Line Water Wetter® not only reduces cooling system temperatures, but when used with water as a coolant will help prevent corrosion. Water Wetter® passes the most severe test developed for automotive coolants when added to corrosive tap water and used in an automotive cooling system.

ASTM D2570 is an automotive coolant test which uses a GM brass radiator, GM water pump, and coolant hoses. The system circulates the test coolant for 1064 hours at 190° Fahrenheit through a test reservoir simulating an engine block which contains three test coupons for each of six different cooling system metals. The weight loss and condition of these coupons is recorded and compared to results which are determined by the ASTM committee to be requirements for adequate cooling system protection.

The tests results below show Red Line Water Wetter® used at 3.1% by volume and a “competitive” cooling system additive also used at 3.1% in the ASTM D2570 Simulated Service Corrosion Test performed by an independent laboratory. Although the competitor claimed to be the only coolant additive on the market that passes ASTM D2570, they actually failed the test using an unadulterated sample sent to an independent laboratory. Red Line Water Wetter® passed with significant margin to spare.

ASTM D2570 with 3.1% Volume Red Line Water Wetter®

Test Metal Weight Loss, mg Average, mg Max Allowed, mg Pass/Fail
Copper 9 6 4 6 20 Pass
30a Solder 20 30 24 25 60 Pass
Brass 4 5 4 5 20 Pass
Steel 3 5 3 4 20 Pass
Cast Iron 0 0 0 0 20 Pass
Cast Aluminum 36 35 31 34 60 Pass


ASTM D2570 with 3.1% Volume Brand RP

Test Metal Weight Loss, mg Average, mg Max Allowed, mg Pass/Fail
Copper 51 56 56 54 20 Fail
30a Solder 65 73 64 67 60 Fail
Brass 14 16 14 15 20 Pass
Steel 422 142 316 293 20 Fail
Cast Iron 85 131 133 116 20 Fail
Cast Aluminum 145 153 145 148 60 Fail
Red Line Water Wetter Coolant Additive

This article was first published on 12/4/2008.

It was most recently modified on 3/26/2015.