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Red Line Water Wetter Coolant Additive

Red Line Cooling System Water Wetter improves the ability of coolant to wet heat transfer surfaces by 50%. This provides significantly better coolant contact in the cylinder head and can reduce coolant and head temperature by as much as 20° Fahrenheit. Can be used with 100% water in racing but does not protect magnesium from corrosion or alter the freezing point significantly. Use one ounce per quart or one bottle in a cooling system of 12-20 quarts capacity.

Red Line Water Wetter passes the ASTM D2570 Simulated Service Corrosion Test (the most severe test developed for automotive coolants) with a significant margin to spare.* This test circulates coolant for 1094 hours at 190°F through a simulated engine block with test samples of metals commonly found in automotive cooling systems. The weight lost due to corrosion is then calculated for each sample. An independent test lab showed that a 3.1% volume concentration of Water Wetter in tap water (not distilled water) protected copper, brass, steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, and 30a solder -- better than the test requirements, and better than the competition!

Corrosion Protection Test Results: Red Line Water Wetter versus the competition View the actual ASTM D2570 test results comparing Water Wetter's corrosion protection to that of a competing product. The tests were performed by an independent laboratory.

* Applies to Water Wetter and Super Cool with Water Wetter, not Diesel Water Wetter.

Part No.
Red Line Water Wetter (liquid)


Red Line Water Wetter (liquid)

$13.89*In Stock
Red Line Super Cool with Water Wetter


Red Line Super Cool with Water Wetter

$25.79*In Stock
Red Line Diesel Water Wetter


Red Line Diesel Water Wetter

$18.97*In Stock
Red Line Base Ball Cap


Red Line Base Ball Cap

$14.95In Stock

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