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Accusump Shopping Lists: What You Will Need

Accusump Shopping Lists: What You Will Need
What Will a Complete Accusump Installation Cost Me?
We hear that so often that you'd think we would have these lists memorized. But every time a customer asks about buying everything needed to install a complete Accusump Oil Pressure Accumulator, I find myself having to sketch it all out again, just to be sure we count the right number of hose ends and adapters. The following shopping lists represent some typical installations.


The Heart of the System

Every Accusump installation starts with a cylinder, a valve, and mounting clamps. When choosing a cylinder size, bigger is usually better. More capacity means more protection. Choose the largest-capacity Accusump that will fit in the available space.

Example 1: Racing

Let's start with a car that already has 10AN hoses running to an oil cooler and remote oil filter. For this type of installation, a Tee fitting in the return hose can be the simplest connection. A one-way valve next to the Tee is needed to ensure that oil always flows in one direction (to prevent the Accusump from pushing backwards). For simplicity's sake, the owner has opted for a manual valve which the driver will open just before starting the engine, and close just before turning it off.

Manual Actuation, Existing 10AN Oil Hoses
Part No. Description Qty Notes
1241-Cyl 3 Quart Accusump Cylinder 1
1246 Mounting Clamps, 3 Qt 1 Sold in pairs
1248 Manual Valve 1
3270-10-Ft Braided Stainless Hose, 10AN, per foot ? Length depends on installation
3271‑10‑000 Hose Ends, 10AN 4 Cylinder Valve Out, Tee In, Tee Out, Check Valve In
3250-08-10 Adapter, 1/2 NPT to 10AN 2 Cylinder Valve Out, Check Valve In
3281-08-10 Tee, 10AN with 1/2 NPT Run 1 Check valve mounts directly on the NPT run
3605-1/2 Check Valve, 1/2 NPT Female 1 Mounted directly on the inlet side of the Tee above
Example 2: Street/Autocross

This car is basically a daily driver which is occasionally driven in parking lot autocross events. The engine is close to stock, with the original spin-on oil filter and no added oil cooler. Since there are no hoses to Tee into, the Canton "single input adapter" will provide the cleanest installation. In this case, no check valve is needed. This owner wants the operation to be fully automatic, so an EPC electrical valve will be wired to turn on and off with the ignition switch.

Automatic Actuation, No External Oil Hoses
Part No. Description Qty Notes
1249-Cyl 1 Quart Accusump Cylinder 1
1238 Mounting Clamps, 1 Qt 1 Sold in pairs
CM 24-271X EPC Electric Valve, 20 psi 1 20 psi recommended for street and autocross
3290-08-Ft High-Temp Rubber Oil Hose, 1/2" ID, per foot ? Length depends on installation
3288‑08‑000 Hose Ends, 1/2" Barb to 8AN 2 Cylinder Valve Out, Engine Adapter In
3295-08 Oetiker Clamps 2 to 4 Optional
3250-08-08 Adapter, 1/2 NPT to 8AN 2 Cylinder Valve Out, Engine Adapter In
CM 22-56x Single Input Adapter 1 Thread size depends on installation
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This article was first published on 7/28/2020.