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Head and Neck Restraint Systems

Note: Head and Neck Restraint Devices bearing SFI or FIA approval will be required for all SCCA Road Racing events for 2012! This includes all Regional and National Club Racing and Pro Racing events.

The most common fatal racing injury is Basilar Skull Fracture (BSF). The biggest reason that drivers miss days or even weeks of work or racing is non-fatal head and neck injuries. A proper head and neck restraint helps to reduce the risk and severity of those injuries. Cage nets also add significant protection by restraining the driver's head from excessive lateral movement in the case of a side impact. Many auto racing sanctioning bodies now require a head and neck restraint meeting SFI 38.1 (such as the R3) or FIA 8858 (such as the HANS Device), and an SFI 37.1 approved cage net in sedans.

Foam neck collars do not prevent any injury. They are designed solely for comfort, taking some of the weight of the helmet off of your neck muscles. Tests have shown no measureable difference in neck strain in an impact.

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