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FF1600 Front Crankshaft (Pulley) Seals

Ford has used three distinct seal types for the 1.6L "Kent" (Formula Ford 1600) engine. All of them will work with the stock V-belt pulley or our toothed belt pulley.

The latest "dry" style seal (164-20, Ford part number 96BM-6700-A6B) will fit all front covers. This unique seal has a PTFE coating and is installed dry.

The middle "narrow" style lip seal (164-19, replaces Ford part number 83BM-6700-A4A) will also fit all covers. This is the familiar rubber-lip seal which requires a dab of grease around the inside of the lip on installation.

The earliest "wide" style lip seal (formerly 164-18, replaced Ford part numbers 701M-9700-A1A and D1FZ-6700-B) could only fit the earliest front covers (Ford part number 681F-6059-A-A, originally used on non-uprated engines). This style cover has a completely smooth bore for the seal with no retaining tabs. The quick external identifier is a drilled passage in the cover for a dipstick (which may be plugged on a racing engine). Note that this seal is no longer available, but either the "dry" or "narrow" seals will fit these covers with no modifications.

Part No.
Ford 1.6L Front Crankshaft (Pulley) Seal, Dry


Ford 1.6L Front Crankshaft (Pulley) Seal, Dry

$38.99In Stock
Formula Ford 1.6L Front Crankshaft (Pulley) Seal, Narrow


Formula Ford 1.6L Front Crankshaft (Pulley) Seal, Narrow

$24.99In Stock